Loy Gura is a Singer-Songwriter based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Loy is the son of Phumzile and Nosisi Rosebella Gura, both teachers with a passion for languages. His father is a former newsreader for Radio Bantu as well as a teacher, born in the former Transkei region, in the small village of Lady Frere, while his mother grew up in the city of Cape Town and in Ngqamakwe, Eastern Cape. Loy started singing and writing songs at an early age. Growing up in the church, all the way from Sunday School to the Gospel Pilots church youth choir, he gained an appreciation and understanding for music that would later influence the songs he writes and the sound he now creates. Loy has worked with Sculptured MusicDJ Clift Thomas, Neo Kolektive, DJ Mfundisi SA and rapper O.F.E. His collaboration with Sculptured Music  “Gratitude” was featured in DJ Terrance’s Music box Volume 7. Another collaboration with Sculptured Music, a track called “Jealous”, was featured in House Africa Sessions 2. Since the start of 2016, he has been working with the legendary Dave Abbott of the Abbott and Crabb band (http://www.abbottandcrabb.co.za/) and the partnership has been the most fulfilling experience, musically and having found a friend and mentor in Dave! Loy’s 2018  release “womXn” is an exciting four track collaboration between him and Dave Abbott.

One of Loy’s strongest skills is the ability to write songs and particularly nail down a catchy chorus (hook) in a very short space of time. Over the last 7 years, Loy has written songs for a number of South African artists including popular Deejays who do compilations with singers. This resulted in him establishing his publishing company, LGMP (Loy Gura Music Publishing).

 Loy expresses his inner conflicts and joys through his music. He knows very clearly that sharing his music is about setting himself free while at the same time doing the same for others.

LOY has done that with his  8 track release , “FOUR SQUARED VOL. 1 – The truth and nothing but the truth”*.  He also released 3 other singles in the year 2016, namely, Memeza, Angel in the city and Love’s calling

 He uses his soulful music and melodic deep voice to tell his truth and to share the valuable lessons he learnt along the way about self love and ultimately self acceptance.

Loy’s new album “LOYAL” comes out on 7 June 2019 and will be available on all digital music platforms worldwide. “LOYAL” is a soulful return to the music that inspired Loy, Rhythm and Blues, and boasts of the most number of tracks Loy has ever recorded and released than any of his previous releases. The album is sultry, inspiring and it’s purpose is to spread love, healing, joy and fun! 

*Four squared is in reference to Loy’s birthday which is on the 4th of  April.