Singer/songwriter “Loy Gura” started writing songs from a young age. But it was the discipline, appreciation, and understanding for music he gained from Sunday School and the Gospel Pilots church youth choir in Bisho that molded him into the artist he is today.

Over the last 7 years, Loy has written songs for a number of South African artists including popular House music DJs. This resulted in him establishing his publishing company, LGMP (Loy Gura Music Publishing) and the record label GEEZM Records.

Loy Gura is a multi-talented individual uses his music to express his inner conflicts and joys whilst setting himself and others free. His soulful music and the melodic deep voice tells his truth and shares the valuable lessons he has learned along the way. 

His first offering “FOUR SQUARED VOL. 1,” (released 21 March 2016) was an 8 track project that told his truth in the rawest way possible. He also released 3 other singles in the year 2016, namely, Memeza, Angel in the city and Love’s calling. 

Loy’s 2018 release “womXn” was an exciting four track collaboration between him and Dave Abbott BUT his latest offering “LOYALSOUL” is a soulful return to the music that first inspired Loy. With Hints of R&B and soul, each song tells a story of his musical journey. The album is a sultry, inspiring offering that will spread love, healing, joy, and fun!

Loy Gura has worked with Sculptured Music, DJ Clift Thomas, Neo Kolektive, DJ Mfundisi SA and rapper O.F.E. His collaboration with Sculptured Music “Gratitude” was featured in DJ Terrance’s Music box Volume 7. Another collaboration with Sculptured Music, titled “Jealous”, was featured in House Africa Sessions 2. 

Since the start of 2016, he has been working with the legendary Dave Abbott of the Abbott and Crabb band (http://www.abbottandcrabb.co.za/) and the partnership has been the most fulfilling experience, musically and having found a friend and mentor in Dave!