Teach your children that if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it! Now also with #Xhosa subtitles.

“My body is my body” In the last 2 weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the “My body is my body” programme https://www.mybodyismybody.com/ .   My Body Is My Body is a Musical Child Abuse Prevention Programme. It is one of the most successful, positive and fun-filled musical child abuse prevention programs around, and has now been animated so […]

If your love cannot be moved…

Every morning on my way to work, I blast my speakers on high and put (some) drivers at absolute discomfort! Albeit, I am courteous enough to lower the volume whenever I get to traffic lights, and then I blast the music again as I step on it. This morning as the songs shuffled on, one song particularly […]

Fifteen – an autobiography by LOY GURA – Chapter 1

Chapter  1 “Get me those jeans….and him too!”   Me: “Ma look, there’s that guy from church!!!” Mama G: “Which one?” …..not paying much attention as we walk into ‘SMART CENTRE’ Me: “Brother Sipho’s friend!” One of the two things I remember clearly about this day in 1996 is that my mother bought me a […]

New EP “Four Squared Vol. 1 – The truth”OUT NOW on iTunes!!!

Loy Gura’s EP “Four Squared Vol. 1” is out on iTunes and all digital music platforms NOW!   Features hot tracks – “Mama song” , “Red sea stranger”, “Love criminal”, “Huuu shem (why you gotta hate)” (engineered by the AMAZING Dave Abbott of The Crabb and Abbot band), “One more chance” with Nkosh (produced by […]